Artist Statement

Photography is a frozen splinter of someone's story.

The story of single person and world around him/her is a main focus of my vision.
I find this in the eyes of my visual conversational companion. I like follow all changes of his face and body, catch a tiny moments of natural harmonic moving and light of feeling, find hidden beauty of every motion and each emotion.
Motion and emotion, - these two forces I always try to combine in my pictures. This is my way to tell someone's story and simultaneously it is my way to tell my own little story.


Tatiana is a Singapore-based photographer, primarily specializing in portrait and fine art photography.
Originally from Moscow, Russia, she had graduated from a prestigious University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Law Sciences, then worked for a number of years in business organizations and even ran her own entity. However after few years in commercial environment, she decided to change her focus to Art Photography, which has been identified as the way to be chosen for her further development, and where she can express herself.
She firstly took Basic and then Professional Photographer’s Certificate from the leading educational courses in Moscow, Russia. After this, very deep and comprehensive courses, she got to know the basic principles of photographic techniques, simultaneously developing her visual and conceptual scope, that made her focused on the intersection between modernism, surrealism and pictorialism.
With 8 years’ experience in business support function in addition to 5 years in photography, Tatiana is a strong and very positive communicator, able to visualize and realize her customers’ ideas in the best artistic way. She can easily define themes and concepts, finding the most suitable combination of photography, retouching and creative design.
Tatiana has successfully collaborated with private customers, model agencies, various magazines, art association, other artists, etc. She has participated in several group exhibitions and had the solo ones. Her works were published in various  kinds of publications and can be found in private collections.